Reiki Outreach Services for Elders, Inc. (ROSE)



Our Mission

ROSE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a powerful mission of bringing the power of Reiki to elders in their communities. Though ROSE is currently operating in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area, our goal is to ultimately expand the program regionally and then nationally.

Our Passion:

Reiki is one of many types of alternate and complementary approaches used for therapeutic benefit around the world. Reiki has been extensively studied and found to be safe and effective, with no negative side effects. Because of its benefits, Reiki has been used in hospital operating rooms as early as the mid-1990’s, and is currently being offered in hundreds of hospitals and other medical facilities around the country, including in the DC Metro area at:  Inova Life with Cancer Institute, George Washington Hospital, and Virginia Hospital Center.

In addition to hospitals, Reiki is also used extensively in hospice settings, to help ease the pain and anxiety of those going through the dying process.

Despite its prevalent use in hospitals, and in hospice Reiki is not currently used with any regularity in elder-centric facilities such as senior centers, senior living communities, adult day-care centers, assisted living communities, and nursing homes.

Our Vision:

ROSE envisions a society where all elders have access to Reiki and its healing powers.