Membership Policy & Privileges

Click Here for Your Community to Become a Member of ROSE

Membership is open to any senior-serving community, including but not limited to:  independent living communities, active adult communities, group residential homes, and assisted living communities. 

The membership fee for each community is $600 for twelve months of membership, and shall be paid in full when the community joins. For each community’s first year of membership, the membership fee will cover 1 extra month in order to have time for the Reiki volunteers to fulfill the volunteer requirements of that community before beginning to offer Reiki services.

Member communities are entitled to have Reiki volunteer practitioners provide Reiki services at their community as often as once a month.  Before providing Reiki services at a member community, each Reiki volunteer practitioner must meet the requirements set forth by each member community for volunteers within its community, such as the requirement for a background check, tuberculosis test, community orientation, etc.

ROSE will always attempt to have enough volunteers to meet the needs of each member community on scheduled service dates, but cannot guarantee availability due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, inclement weather, etc.

Each Member of ROSE shall have full voting rights. Other qualifications and rights of each Member shall be determined by the By-Laws of the Corporation. Directors of the Corporation shall be elected by the Members in the manner set forth in the By-Laws of the Corporation.

Click Here for Your Community to Become a Member of ROSE