Reiki Practitioner Guidelines

Reiki Practitioner Guidelines for Delivering Reiki to Elders in Senior-Serving Communities

Thank you for your participation in the pro bono ROSE program. Please help us to maintain a healthy and supportive environment by adhering to the guidelines listed below.

  1. If you suspect you have any type of illness such as a cold, wait until you are symptom free to assist in the Reiki sessions.
  2. Please note that before you can volunteer at any particular community, the community (particularly if it is an assisted living community or nursing home) may require a background check and a recent (typically less than 30-days old) TB test. Click here for pharmacy and clinic locations that offer TB tests. An alternative to a TB test is usually a chest x-ray that has been done within the last year.
  3. Please keep in mind that you will need to return to the clinic administering the test 48-72 hours after the injection, at which time the healthcare provider will examine and measure the injection site to determine if you do or do not test positively for exposure to tuberculosis, and give you your certificate.
  4. If you are not able to attend a scheduled session, please inform the Volunteer Coordinator, Nancy Clark (, as soon as possible so that a replacement may be found.
  5. Arrive free from the smell of perfume, oils, nicotine, or strong food odors.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes before the Reiki sessions and scheduled to begin.
  7. Turn off your cell phone.
  8. Keep all talking outside of the Reiki room.
  9. Wash or disinfect hands prior to working with each client.
  10. If you have not been to the facility before, Nancy Clark will let you know whether the facility has its own massage tables. If not, and you have a portable table you can bring, please bring it.
  11. If a table is available and you are using a table, please disinfect the table and knee bolster, and change the pillow case and sheet after each client. Please keep in mind that some Reiki recipients may need to remain seated in a chair or wheelchair during the Reiki session.
  12. Assist the client on and off the table as needed. Hold the table steady.
  13. Do only Reiki – do not incorporate other modalities into the session.
  14. Use only “nickel weight” pressure.
  15. Do not ask the client to turn over.
  16. Stay within the Reiki practitioner’s scope of practice. Do not prescribe/suggest dietary changes, exercises, herbs, supplements, life style modifications, essential oils, etc.
  17. Feel free to place your business cards and/or brochures and/or flyers with your personal contact information nearby so they are easily available if a resident inquires or is interested in hiring you for a private session. But please do not suggest that the resident follow up with you for a private session, as this is a volunteer effort and we do not want our clients to think we are actively trying to solicit them for private sessions.